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Large format digital textile printing is the latest technology for textile printing developed from digital paper print system. The digital transfer of the graphic design from computer directly on the fabric without screen is moving existing limits of textile creativity very far from screen-printing border. The real photo design can be printed immediately on the fabric and it can be flexibly modified according to the designer’s ideas. Extremely short run production with good economy enables single piece fashion production.

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Our technology usek 4 colors CMYK color model and ink jet printing heads together with standard textile water solved dyes used in textile industry for many years. The finishing of the fabrics after the print is the same as usual and it means the fabrics properties are also the same as usual so as it’s care, washing, drying and iron does not vary from standard textile materials. The design can be printed with error diffusion fine or FM method and autotypic raster can be provided achieving the final resolution 300*300 dpi for flat surface of the fabric.

The properties and advantages of digital textile printing with reactive inks